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Best sought media-based society for the promotion and advancement of immigrants/newcomers in particular and Albertans in general.


Provide accessible, quality and cost-effective media (print, broadcast, digital) platform. Information and opportunity resource society.


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2616 16 St NE Calgary, AB Canada Calgary & Edmonton Areas

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E-mail: diaryoalberta@gmail.com

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Editorial Board
Antonio Amorado
Manuel Perez
Marietta Pangan
Romy Honorio

Len Chan
Lito de Jesus
Manuel Perez
Charmaine Perez/Madame KC
Fr. Edmund F. Vargas
Monette Esmeria
Gerine Arroyo
Ruel Sarmiento
Marianne Malaca
Tata Gascon

Graphic Artist/Sketch
Pixecolours Media Haus Inc.


Creative Director
Antonio Amorado/PMHI

Lito de Jesus / Kaye Ocampo
Mark Ancheta / Elizalde Francisco