In this day and age of tablets, computer and electronic gaming consoles, a lot of us are missing the real and tangible experience of having fun out there in the real world, and it’s a beautiful world! It’s not just about having fun too, it’s also about making new friends in the community, now that’s real social and real experience compared to the shallow social media that plague our modern society now.
Well, yours truly have been playing with RC, that’s Radio Controlled, vehicles for several decades now and have started to impart this fun-filled experience to my children, albeit just to get them off the screen and get them out of the house. Nevertheless, kids and the not so young but young at heart will have the FUNtastic experience playing these radio controlled cars, truck, boats, planes, and even drones, especially with family and friends. If you and your family, spouse and kids and even maybe the grand folks, are still inclined to further the experience of comradery and satisfy your competitive side, we here in the lovely and not so balmy, pun intended, but rather wintery city of Calgary have several RC clubs and race tracks to go to the whole year round. In the winter season we have indoor heated race tracks and in the summer season outdoor tracks. The people there are also quite friendly and helpful, some clubs even have kits to try out to go around the track for your kids which is great for your kids to spark interest and not fork out cash as these race kits are a considerable investment although these kits are not your regular run of the mill toys from WalyMart or ToysbuyUs, these are hobby grade kit toy cars, what that means is that you have spare parts to fix or even upgrade the kit instead of the throwaway toys from your big box department stores, as a testament to their longevity, I have kits that are more than two decades and they are still a blast to play with and I have handed them down to my children to play with either at the track or just to have them out house and have fun.
The RC community in Calgary is hoping to entice people to this hobby and possibly grow it too, it will be a lot more interesting to see more people in real time in the real world having a laugh giving high five’s or a fist bump, that’s real social skills folks, rather than a pretentious emoji and an LoL. Now go have fun!